What is an ectoplasm?

Victorian LadyOver the years, many of our guests have asked this question.  It’s a very valid question indeed.  It’s one that I will do my best to answer in layman’s terms without any technical jargon.  “Ectoplasms” are, basically, a disembodied entity or spirit, if, you will for a lack of a better term.  Essentially, it is an entity or spirit that is attempting to take on a corporeal form.  It can present itself in many different forms such as a mist.  This is not to be confused with an “Apparition” or “Ectoplasmic Fluid”, which I will cover later.  In order for an entity or spirit to form, it requires energy which it gathers from many different sources.  A good example would be the electrical energy produced at the onset or height of a storm.  During an event such as this, the air is literally filled with electrical energy.  This, however, is not the only source one of these entities can use as an energy source.  Extreme emotions, such as anger or fear, are another good source an entity can draw from.  It is for this very reason that we caution our guests about prior to beginning a tour or paranormal investigation.  Many times, if one of these entities can’t draw the energy it needs from emotions or weather, it will try to create the desired emotional effect such as fear by scaring you.  The more fearful you become the greater the amount of energy your body produces which fuels the “Ectoplasm” can use to begin forming.  And, last but not least, is electronics.  I can’t even become close to counting the number of times we have been conducting a paranormal investigation or ghost tour, our guests’  cameras and cell phones shut down and recorders go dead (pardon the pun).  The legitimate cause attributed to this phenomenon are “Ectoplasms” drawing energy from these device’s power source (ie. the batteries).  Yes, batteries in electronic equipment can be used by the “Ectoplasm”.  So, be sure to bring plenty of extra batteries when taking one of our tours.  Enjoy and have fun!

© J.F. Dietz 2012


About James Franklin Dietz
James Franklin Dietz is a ULC Minister, Historian, Paranormal Investigator, Lecturer, Speaker, and Author specializing in Supernatural History, Paranormal Investigation, Ghosts, UFOs, “Crypto” Zoology, Ancient Symbols, Conspiracy Theories, Parapsychology, and Secret Societies. He is also the founder and owner of Asylum Paranormal. As a child, my babysitters were Lon Chaney, Vincent Price, and Boris Karloff who I consider to be the true “Masters of Horror”. Growing up with monsters, ghosts, and “creatures of the night” spawned a three decade long love affair with the paranormal and things that go “bump in the night”. In 2005, I began collaborating with Kasey Clark in the development of Haunted Houston Tours which opened its doors for business in 2010 offering Historical Ghost Tours in the Houston Metropolitan Area every day of the year. From its inception Haunted Houston Tours has grown into a thriving business providing its patrons a “living history” of one of the most haunted towns in Texas and has been featured in the Houston Chronicle, ABC Channel 13 News, and local Community Magazines. In my role as manager of Haunted Houston Tours, I provide mentorship for its staff and make “special appearances” as a guest Tour Guide. In 2013, Kasey Clark, owner of Haunted Houston Tours, approached me again on a new project. Immediately, we teamed and began collaborating on the development of Haunted Lafayette Tours which held its Grand Opening on October 1st offering Historical Ghost Tours in the Lafayette Metropolitan Area every day of the year. From the time Haunted Lafayette Tours opened its doors for business it was an instant media sensation and has been featured on “Good Morning Acadiana”, KATC Channel 3, and as front page news in both the morning and evening editions of The Daily Advertiser newspaper. Haunted Lafayette Tours Provides its guests with a hauntingly insightful look into the seedy underbelly of an innocent looking college town in Louisiana termed “the most haunted State in the U.S.” In my role as manager of Haunted Lafayette Tours, I provide mentorship for its staff and make “special appearances” as a guest Tour Guide. In addition to managing both companies, I am a contributing writer for Paranormal Underground Magazine on a regular basis. Currently, I reside in Lafayette, Louisiana with my wife and two dogs where I am featured as a regular Speaker at Ghost Hunters University giving lectures on “Basic”, “Intermediate”, and “Advanced” Paranormal Investigation. When I’m not speaking, lecturing, giving tours, managing my blog and writing articles, you can find me conducting active paranormal investigations gathering information for my next book.

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