Psychics & Mediums

Psychics & Mediums

I already know that I’m going to receive quite a bit of flack for writing this article but, I believe that this subject needs to be addressed.  I look at it as the proverbial “Elephant in the living room” which everyone seems to ignore.  Since I’m not one who follows the status quo, which usually gets me into a lot of trouble, I have a tendency to speak my mind on topics that others seem to dance around.  This topic is no different.

To clear the air before I start, I just want to say that I don’t have an issue with psychics or mediums.  At least the people who truly have this gift without any doubt whatsoever.  However, I do have issues with those people who believe they are gifted in this area but, who just put on a show to con people out of their hard earned money which seems to happen more commonly than you think.  Harry Houdini had a problem with it also.  So much so, he devoted a good amount of his time exposing psychics and mediums who were complete frauds.

This huge controversy over the validity of psychics and mediums appears to be central to the U.S. only since no official licensing, registration, or any other qualifications are required.  All you need to do is claim to have psychic abilities whether you really possess this gift or not.  Also, both psychics and mediums practicing inside the U.S. are allowed to police themselves.  As a result, you have the perfect breeding ground for frauds ready to fleece you of your hard earned money or even worse preying on your emotions whether it be grieving for a lost loved one or giving you false hope when you are having a hard time financially.  What’s worse is that it’s very difficult to differentiate between a real psychic or medium and a fraudulent psychic or medium.  Compared side by side, they are almost identical to the average person.

A truly psychic person is born with the gift which becomes apparent usually early on in adolescence.  This gift is also passed down from generation to generation in their family and is genetically encoded into them.  Finally, the majority of psychics or mediums are women although on rare occasions when it may be passed down to a male in the family.

In direct contrast to this, a psychic who is a fraud, spends years developing their people watching skills and their abilities to read  people.  The actual term for this is “mentalism” which is a highly developed skill of listening to what you say so discreetly that you don’t even notice that you are feeding them a lot of information about yourself before you even ask them a question. Also included in the practice of “mentalism” is the con-artist’s skill in reading facial expressions and body language.  As a result, the answers about you that the fraudulent medium or psychic gives will make them appear to be someone who is truly gifted in that area.  Don’t feel bad if you have fallen for this trick on an occasion or two, I have also.  As a matter of fact, a study performed a few years back showed that on average 99% of the general public has fallen for this slight of hand as well.

As a Paranormal Investigator and Researcher, I still remain skeptical of all psychics, mediums, and sensitives (those who are sensitive to spirit activity but who have not psychic abilities).  This is why neither Asylum Paranormal nor Haunted Houston Tours do not use them on ghost tours or ghost hunts.    This choice is not meant to be discriminatory against psychics, mediums, and sensatives but, rather to distance ourselves from the controversy by employing them.

As for those of you who do seek advice from psychics or mediums though, just keep in mind that it is for entertainment purposes only and take their counsel with a grain of salt.

© J.F. Dietz 2013



About James Franklin Dietz
James Franklin Dietz is a ULC Minister, Historian, Paranormal Investigator, Lecturer, Speaker, and Author specializing in Supernatural History, Paranormal Investigation, Ghosts, UFOs, “Crypto” Zoology, Ancient Symbols, Conspiracy Theories, Parapsychology, and Secret Societies. He is also the founder and owner of Asylum Paranormal. As a child, my babysitters were Lon Chaney, Vincent Price, and Boris Karloff who I consider to be the true “Masters of Horror”. Growing up with monsters, ghosts, and “creatures of the night” spawned a three decade long love affair with the paranormal and things that go “bump in the night”. In 2005, I began collaborating with Kasey Clark in the development of Haunted Houston Tours which opened its doors for business in 2010 offering Historical Ghost Tours in the Houston Metropolitan Area every day of the year. From its inception Haunted Houston Tours has grown into a thriving business providing its patrons a “living history” of one of the most haunted towns in Texas and has been featured in the Houston Chronicle, ABC Channel 13 News, and local Community Magazines. In my role as manager of Haunted Houston Tours, I provide mentorship for its staff and make “special appearances” as a guest Tour Guide. In 2013, Kasey Clark, owner of Haunted Houston Tours, approached me again on a new project. Immediately, we teamed and began collaborating on the development of Haunted Lafayette Tours which held its Grand Opening on October 1st offering Historical Ghost Tours in the Lafayette Metropolitan Area every day of the year. From the time Haunted Lafayette Tours opened its doors for business it was an instant media sensation and has been featured on “Good Morning Acadiana”, KATC Channel 3, and as front page news in both the morning and evening editions of The Daily Advertiser newspaper. Haunted Lafayette Tours Provides its guests with a hauntingly insightful look into the seedy underbelly of an innocent looking college town in Louisiana termed “the most haunted State in the U.S.” In my role as manager of Haunted Lafayette Tours, I provide mentorship for its staff and make “special appearances” as a guest Tour Guide. In addition to managing both companies, I am a contributing writer for Paranormal Underground Magazine on a regular basis. Currently, I reside in Lafayette, Louisiana with my wife and two dogs where I am featured as a regular Speaker at Ghost Hunters University giving lectures on “Basic”, “Intermediate”, and “Advanced” Paranormal Investigation. When I’m not speaking, lecturing, giving tours, managing my blog and writing articles, you can find me conducting active paranormal investigations gathering information for my next book.

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